Cherie has always been cooler than Tony

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Cherie has always been cooler than Tony

Prime Ministers both past and present have made the arts news because of paintings of places they enjoy to pass the time when not thinking about war and stuff.

Cherie Blair posed semi-nude for artist Euan Uglow back when "she was an unknown trainee barrister in her mid-twenties". The unfinished painting, Striding Nude, Blue Dress, while not quite on the same level as One Night in Paris, does reveal a little more than we thought we'd ever see of Downing Street's First Lady.

Mrs Blair was introduced to Uglow by Derry Irvine, the future Lord Chancellor. She remained friends with the artist and is thought to have named her eldest son after him. As the Blairs’ eminence in political circles grew, Uglow became ever-more reluctant even to acknowledge the painting.

It's only now that Uglow has gone to paint the angels that the painting has surfaced. Someone with a lot less class than us will probably make a Blair pro-Bush joke. We just think it's a shame the unfinished pieces of white canvas gives the work a kind of bukkake effect.

Downing Street has refused to comment. Bad move. The Blairs should embrace the art and send it out as this year's official Christmas card. We think it's pretty cool.

Meanwhile Winston Churchill made himself a mint yesterday when his oil painting, View of Tinherir, was sold at Sotheby's for £612,800. We tried to track the ex PM down, but his press office said he'd been dead since 1965. The things politicians do to avoid questions.

Last Updated 12 December 2006