Bomb, Bombs, Bomber, Bombers, Bombing and Terror

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Bomb, Bombs, Bomber, Bombers, Bombing and Terror

A fitting memorial, some kind of political statement or simply art?

Gilbert and George have created six artworks as memorials to the terrorist attacks on London... The pieces contain sandwich-board posters with headlines from London's Evening Standard newspaper. The artists appear to be covered by wire in one picture, and also feature as guards, witnesses and exploding atomised beings, standing in ashes.

We won't have much to say about this until we've seen the work - displayed as part of the largest Gilbert and George exhibit ever mounted - this coming February at the Tate Modern.

"We believe that as artists, we were able to bring something special in thoughts and feelings to this subject, something the media, religious leaders and politicians find difficult to do,"

The work can expect a lot of attention from all those groups as well as survivors of the bomb attacks and the families of those that died. Whether the attention will be negative or positive we'll just have to wait and see...

Last Updated 18 December 2006