Blogger Photographs Tube Assailant

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Blogger Photographs Tube Assailant

Jackie Danicki begins her blog post on November 24th with the words I am slightly miffed:

The kid in the picture above doesn’t look very harmful, right? He’s reasonably well-dressed, anyway. But actually, he is quite a large fellow, and likes to assault random women with the help of an equally vile friend of his.

Jackie posted the photograph on her blog and to her Flickr stream as well as passing a copy along to the police. The assault took place on the southbound Bakerloo line platform at Baker Street, and the abuse continued from there to Piccadilly Circus. In an update on Monday she writes:

I got a call from the police this morning, who told me that the same two scumbags who attacked me also beat up a gay guy and knocked his tooth out.

If you recognise the guy you can contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40.

Similar assaults in the USA have led to a network of blogs dedicated to 'outing' the abusers such as hollabacknyc.

Thanks to the reader who used our contribute page to let us know about Jackie's blog. If there's something you think we should be covering please let us know

Last Updated 06 December 2006

Jackie Danicki

Thanks, Mike. This guy and his partner in crime are apparently regular fixtures on the Bakerloo Line, mostly riding between Baker Street and Elephant & Castle, causing trouble all along the way. (This is what the BTP have told me.) So if you're a Bakerloo Line regular, please keep your eyes peeled and notify a cop (if you can find one) if you spot them. Thanks!


Hey Jackie,

At first I thought you'd managed to discreetly snap the guy with your phonecam, but I see it was taken with a real camera. Ballsy move.

Everyone at Londonist hopes these guys get picked up and soon. Let us know if you hear anything new from BTP.


Pickep up and then what?
Slap on the wrist?


Well that's for the courts to decide Chris.

I take it that Jackie would press assault charges if BTP manages to apprehend the two men responsible.

The importance of posting the photo and blogging about this is not only to help catch these guys, but also that witnesses may come forward.


This is all really very interesting, especially the power of something like flickr (or indeed londonist) as a means of disseminating this sort of information. Probably more effectively than those yellow signs.
I'm certainly no legal expert, but if it comes to trail presumably these posts would all have to be removed as prejudicial to proceedings?


Boy, the pond life really come out to play in the comments to that post, don't they? And while Jackie may derive some satisfaction from posting the photo, she's probably screwed her chances of actually getting this guy convicted of anything.


You're probably correct Piersy. We caught this story yesterday and had a long think about just such implications. As we didn't break the story and the photo was already spread out over the internet we decided there was no harm in trying to help track these guys down. In the comments on her flickr stream Jackie was challenged over just how 'guilty' the guy was and responded:

I'm sorry, but there is no more possibility that this guy is innocent than there is that I am not typing this comment with my own two hands. In addition to me, there were dozens of witnesses.

Now it seems the same individual is also wanted by the police for a second attack, but of course if we were advised that this post would in any way interfere with legal proceedings we'd take it down.


you'd only really have a problem if this guy ISN'T the guy she's saying he is. Anyway, even if he's not he has legal recourse - he could sue the pants off you.
Also, if the police say they 'want' this guy (ie, the guy in the picture) then you have privilege to repeat that, whether he's the guilty party or not.
Less liberal worrying, more humiliating thugs!


Yes, had a browse of the comments and felt the chap in question was being unfairly maligned. His english wasn't too hot, but I thought he was trying to make a point about due process and the idea that in law at any rate you're innocent until proven guilty (well, unless the security services say you're a bit dodgy and the home secretary agrees, or unless there's enough hearsay evidence to get you an asbo, and subsequently a prison sentance for breaking it's terms, but who am i to get picky?).


Cheers Joe & Simon. We're more concerned about how this kind of coverage could affect individual cases than covering our own backs.

(We've been brainstorming slogans for our t-shirts next year - I'll add "Less liberal worrying, more humiliating thugs" into the mix)


I'll forward this to any of my friends who use the Bakerloo. A fwd that isn't rubbish, hooray!


Some of the comments on Jackies blog are either completely hilarious, or quite disturbing. Comments such as:

"I was in Barbican market this afternoon (3;30pm) and saw someone who I thought looked like a spitting image of the shitbag in your picture. As I walked by him, staring as I tried to figure out if I really was looking at the piece of trash, he gave me a hearty and somewhat aggressive “Alright mate!?”

About 5′10″ 150kg. I would say he’s about 15yo. I suspect he studies in the Barbican area and just finished with school."


"So I’m guessing that with British gun laws being what they are, they were probably unarmed, as you said?
You can’t even carry pepper spray? WTF! How about something like a club/bat, or maybe a heavy cane? I think if this is a common occurrence on the trains, maybe you should start thinking creatively about self-defense weapons. I dunno, maybe it’s just my (American) urban paranoia instinct. What about a knife? (And crucially, could you see yourself actually using it?)
I’m not saying you should become London’s Tube Vigilante, but you never know when you might really need it."

Go go Vigilantes!


maybe it’s just my (American) urban paranoia instinct

You think?

It's an interesting point though. Because I'm a nerd I can't help but remember that scene in Predator 2 (I know, I need help) where ALL the subway passengers are armed.

Do Londoner's feel that vulnerable on the tube these days? Should there be a more visible BTP presence?

Jim Treacher
"I’m not saying you should become London’s Tube Vigilante, but you never know when you might really need it."

Go go Vigilantes!

So what you're saying is that you can't read.


I think its ridiculous that Londoners are not allowed to carry pepper spray. Without any kind of protection, potential victims are helpless against monsters like the cretin pictured above.