4x4s Terminal?

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4x4s Terminal?

Looks like Ken got an early Christmas present:

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said he is delighted by figures suggesting a slump in the sale of 4x4 vehicles... "I'm delighted to see [4x4s] withering on the vines," Mr Livingstone told BBC London 94.9.

The Times has a little more detail on the slump.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Chelsea Tractor? As A Dodo (The obituaries you'd like to see - great idea for a blog that) already has the obit written:

By the mid-noughties, the Chelsea Tractor began to vanish from our streets. By the end there were only a few, unreliable sightings of the creatures - sometimes outside the palatial crib of an LA rapper, sometimes making the weary journey to Knightsbridge for the sales.

The Chelsea Tractor will be buried under a mountain of high petrol prices and increased environmental awareness. It is survived by an increasing number of erratic cyclists, scooters, bendy buses, the Smart car and trees.

Amen to that.

Last Updated 06 December 2006


Yessssss! Hahahahaha! Total Schadenfreude moment.

Best bit about that Times article? Where it says that some owners are losing up to £1,000 a month on the residual value of their hideous beasts. That's just beautiful. And I can't wait to read what Clarkson has to say about this - I'm willing to bet he may actually drop dead of apoplexy before he finishes writing the piece.

(OK, OK, I know some 4x4s are actually relatively fuel-efficient - for their size, at least - but I still can't help rejoicing that their 'moment' seems to be well and truly over.)


Clarkson and co will have to up the ante after spreading that little guy across that racetrack earlier in the year. Maybe the next season of Top Gear will see him trying to get a 4x4 through London in rush hour quicker than a RPG can pick him off.

I'd watch that.


I remember a couple of years ago on Top Gear Clarkson raced a cyclist across Central London and lost.