Saw III screening ends in Bloodshed

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Saw III screening ends in Bloodshed

And with a C-list celebrity to boot:

Big Brother star Jade Goody was involved in a brawl at a cinema, it emerged today. A popcorn fight between two groups of movie-goers descended into a punch-up and police were called. Grandmother Brenda Sparks, 51, said Goody belted her in the face and split open her nose during the fracas at the cinema in Edmonton, north London.

It gets better:

"I used to like her from the telly but now I think she is a piggy-faced thug," Mrs Sparks said. "Jade was wild. I hadn't done anything but she was pulling my hair and punched me on the nose. There was blood everywhere and my eyes are coming up black now."

Jade insists the whole thing was a case of self defence after she defended a girl being bullied.

That should shift a few Standards.

Last Updated 08 November 2006