Not sure they do this on the NHS

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Not sure they do this on the NHS

People complain they don't get to see the doctor they want when they finally get seen at all, but we'd love to have this one as our GP:

A doctor at a family planning clinic told a patient that she needed an exorcism because there was something sinister moving around inside her stomach, a medical tribunal was told yesterday.

Holy crap - a friend of Londonist once had something sinister moving around inside her... but then she dumped him.

Joyce Pratt, 44, allegedly told the patient, who was seeking contraceptive advice, that she might be possessed by an evil spirit and needed religious rather than medical help.

She gave the woman crosses and trinkets to ward off black magic, allegedly told her that her mother was a witch, that she and her husband were trying to kill her, and suggested that she visit a Roman Catholic priest at Westminster Cathedral in London.

What would happen if you turned up at Westminster Cathedral with a note from your GP saying that your soul sucks cocks in hell? Do they have an outpatient service?

Last Updated 10 November 2006