London gets a Sniping Camper

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London gets a Sniping Camper

After watching the recent Make Love, Not Warcraft episode of South Park there is no way we are ever going anywhere near a MMORPG, but we find typing out MMORPG oddly satisfying. Now we can link up the MMORPG blog with news about the MMORPG version of Hellgate: London:

We have concept artwork and PC screencaps of the Hunter Faction, which join the Cabalist and Templar factions to rid London of the scum of the other world. The Hunter specializes in mid-to-long range weapon attacks, making him a sort of sniper or mid-range counter-fire specialist. The game fiction paints him as an ex-military operative and spies "most comfortable clinging to the shadows and dealing with threats in their own deadly ways." Or, in Counter-Strike parlance, a sniping camper (four-letter word). He's no Buffy (the lass specializes in the up-close and personal, after all), but if they mow down demons like the scythe of Death himself, well, bully for them.

Erm... ok then. To be honest if we'd have been blogging back in 1983 we'd have been just as excitable over Atic Atac, but we think we'd rather stick to the single player version and be 1337 in our own little goldfish bowl than end up getting p3wNed by some 13 year old.

Be sure to check out the updated official website - especially the locations section...

Last Updated 08 November 2006