Laptop Copper Cropper & No More Lingering Fingering

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Laptop Copper Cropper & No More Lingering Fingering

The Met have moved fast on a burglary that took place last Thursday, arresting a man the following day. The speedy result could have something to do with the fact that the crime took place right under their noses and that they themselves were the victims:

Burglars have stolen laptop computers containing the payroll details of half of the Metropolitan Police staff, Scotland Yard has said.

There's a worry now that the staff whose details were nicked may become targets of fraud or identity theft.

It's good to hear that the police force's own private data is made so secure on the same day that they announce mobile fingerprinting:

The device has an accuracy of 94-95% and will be used for identification purposes only, say police, and there are electronic safeguards to prevent misuse. It sends encrypted data to the national ID system using GPRS - a wireless system used by many mobile phones. More than 6.5 million fingerprints are cross-referenced and sent back to the officer.

Shame we can't trust the police not to misuse something as simple as a telephone. Still at least now they won't have to go to all that bother of arresting people... the more red tape like that we can cut the sooner the police will be able to step into Judge Dredd's instant justice style over sized boots.

Last Updated 22 November 2006