Hard job, but the tips are good

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
Hard job, but the tips are good

We don't often use Fox News as a news source (who does?), but it's that time of year when the dumber stories start floating to the top of the news streams like gas bloated corpses and no one does dumb like Fox. Here we have that old chestnut - crap left behind in Black Cabs:

One cabbie reported a man leaving his drunken girlfriend behind in the cab as a "tip" for the driver. Another was burdened with a passenger wearing only his underwear. Diamonds, machine guns and wooden legs are other unexpected remnants that have been left for London's hard-working cab drivers at the end of some long nights.

Hard working is right. In yet another 'study' it was recently deemed that cab drivers have the toughest job in the world:

Rankings were given according to likelihood of accidental death or injury, working hours, skill levels and mental and physical stress. Trawlerman came second, followed by lumberjack, demolition worker and miner. In fifth place was oil rig worker, then aircraft flight deck officer, abattoir worker, scaffolder, and railwayman.

We hear that action heroes of yesteryear are looking for movie subjects to renew their hardmen image. We may have just found them the perfect vehicle.

Last Updated 29 November 2006