Gang of New York

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Gang of New York

We know New Yorkers can be brash, but this is ridiculous:

"They were armed with two imitation guns and a meat cleaver, and bound the youngster's mother hand and foot and gagged her." He said that despite searching the place for cash, they could find no trace of it and decided to kidnap the child instead. Forcing the youngster to kiss his mother goodbye, his American captors then drove him to a flat in Victoria, central London, where he was locked in the bathroom. "[His mother] was left bound, gagged and blindfolded and warned not to contact the police because the house was still being watched," said Mr Williamson.

This is just part of the story unfolding in court today that involves underworld cash, a £100,000 ransom and the impersonation of a postal worker:

the boy's ordeal was played to the court via a video-taped interview. He told how a man "dressed as a postman" knocked on the front door. He said his mum went outside and then he heard screaming. "She saw two men with tape and stuff and they were hurting my mum," he said. Then they brought her inside the house, trying to calm her down. They showed us axes and stuff."

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