Celebrity Highway to Hell

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Celebrity Highway to Hell

When are these pop stars going to learn not to mess with the awesome power of the ROCK? Ms Dynamite almost lived up to her name while filming some nonsense for a reality TV show when she was taken roughly from behind by AC/DC:

Fellow contestant Brian Johnson, of rock group AC/DC, clipped the back of her car at Silverstone, in Northants, sending it spinning out of control... A Sky One spokesman said the collision on Sunday afternoon sent Ms Dynamite's Formula Ford spinning down the track for about 50 metres before it came to a halt. She may have been travelling at more than 100mph when the accident happened, he said.

It could be that the almost-death of that annoying little bloke from Top Gear has started something of a trend in almost-celebrity Dianaesque wipeouts:

On Tuesday, Ingrid Tarrant - the estranged wife of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host Chris Tarrant - was treated by paramedics at Silverstone after flipping a truck upside down.

If they ever get Mad Max 4 back on track we can just send a cargo ship full of light entertainers (and anyone they've ever shagged) to Australia to be mowed down by Mel Gibson. Hell, these days he'd probably just do it for fun...

Last Updated 13 November 2006