Can't Get You Out Of My Shed

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Can't Get You Out Of My Shed

The Barnet and Potters Bar Times have the scoop of the season today, with this rip-roaring tale of high tension and political struggle.

A shed built by the chairwoman of Barnet Council's Hendon area planning sub-committee without the necessary planning permission has finally been approved - despite two of the three councillors voting on it objecting and abstaining.

This is what it means to be British.

The gripping battle went right down to the wire:

The decision was carried earlier this month by Hale ward Conservative councillor Hugh Rayner who, as vice-chairman of the committee, held the casting vote after Lib Dem councillor Jeremy Davies opposed the decision and Labour councillor Gill Sargeant abstained. No other councillors were able to vote, having not visited the site.

Not visited the site? On a decision of such moment? We're apalled and saddened that the council could be so remiss. Just listen to the grievance from councillor Davies:

I objected because of the proximity of the shed to the back of the existing extension. It's higher than the fence line and I think it impacts on the neighbours.

The case will now be appealed at an international tribunal, which would carry a possible death penalty.

Last Updated 27 November 2006