Brit TV doing well in the New World

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Brit TV doing well in the New World

There was a strong display of British talent at the International Emmy Awards. Graham Norton was there too. The success of Brit shows has sent the Americans into a remake frenzy according to The Times:

Life on Mars, the BBC time-travel drama starring John Simm about a Manchester detective who is catapulted back to the 1970s, won the best drama award. David E. Kelley, the producer behind Ally McBeal, is now writing an American version for ABC, owned by Disney, in a partnership with Fox television. The series, made by Kudos, a London independent company, has been sold to 13 countries. Its second series, soon to air on BBC One, will be the last.

It's a great concept that just might survive the transition. Less sure about recreating Little Britain - Little America with the guy who used to play Buck Rogers taking over from Tom Baker perhaps...

American remakes are also planned for The Thick of It, the Whitehall comedy, Steve Coogan’s Saxondale, Footballers’ Wives and Blackpool, the BBC One musical drama.

The Thick of It is returning to British screens at Christmas with a new Shadow minister replacing Chris Langham, so that's probably the only thing that Londonist will be watching in December. Pauline Fowler’s leaving EastEnders? We didn't know the thing was still running. Is Den still messing around with that girl from Grange Hill?

Brit winners:

Best Actor - Ray Winstone

Children & Young People - Sugar Rush

Comedy - Little Britain

Documentary - Hiroshima

Drama Series - Life on Mars

Non-scripted entertainment - Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Last Updated 22 November 2006