A Blog Of Olympic Standards

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A Blog Of Olympic Standards

The Olympics. Tired of all the naysaying and doom-mongery? Here's a site that's sure to include more positive spin than a world-class discus throw: the official 2012 Olympics blog.

No half-baked observations about office life or photos of cute kittens here. Oh no. This is quite a differnt calibre of freshman blogger:

I met HRH the Duchess of Cornwall who was visiting to site to find out more about the venue. She arrived at the site slightly early – I warm to anyone who is a stickler for time. After the initial obligatory photocall we got down to the real business of exploring the magnficient view across the Park.

Nice to see Lord Coe isn't too smooth to avoid the humble typo.

The blog launched about a week ago, and despite being very busy people, Seb and chums seem to be doing a fine job of posting regularly. But is there a point? Well, there's certainly lots of pointing.

I pointed across to Canary Wharf across the river, to the Dome on the Greenwich Peninsula and the ExCeL Centre...

says Coe, in the post above the one in which he points out places of equestrian interest to Mrs Prince Charles; which itself appears above an item where Zaha Hadid points confidently at her designs for the aquatics centre.

Flippancy aside, it's good to see that the Games are dipping their toes (and pointing fingers) into the online world. Yes, it will undoubtedly be all good news, but it's nice to have some balance to the much vaster output of negative and often uninformed commentary.

Let's just hope they didn't have to take out compulsory purchase orders on any existing blogs in order to occupy this part of cyberspace.

Last Updated 28 November 2006