Wheezing noise at heart of government finally explained

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Wheezing noise at heart of government finally explained

Tony Blair has made politics interesting again by comparing Number Ten to a time travelling space craft. When asked by an 11-year-old Blue Peter viewer called Christopher if the place was bigger on the inside than it looked, he replied:

"Yes, I mean a lot bigger, we call it like the Tardis. What happens is you come in and you think you're just coming into a house ... then there are several flats and there's about 250 or 300 people that work here."

We call it like the Tardis. Awesome.

Of course the Chameleon circuit is buggered because it always looks the same, but just like the 'real' one it's deceptively shabby front door is hard to breach

And this finally explains why the face of the PM changes so often over the years while no matter what the outward experience (s)he is always a bit of a bastard. Could also explain why the current incarnation can't resist popping up in far flung places to have a bit of a meddle.

With Blair's tenure as Time Lord almost up instead of just asking when he's going to leave, we'd suggest having him dangle from a radio telescope as a good fall is often enough to provoke a regeneration.

Last Updated 03 October 2006