We have an inkling that this will be fun...

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We have an inkling that this will be fun...

It's surprising how much Londonist skin ends up covered in ink - and we're not just talking about the days that M@ leaves his pocket protector at home and has a Bic explosion. We quite like having needles shoved into us (just not in the 'Hey look I'm a wanker' Pete Doherty way) so we're looking forward to this year's International London Tattoo Convention:

The list of artists who will be setting up stall at the convention reads like a who’s who of the royalty of the tattoo world. This year more than 800 artists applied to the organisers, who selected the 150 best, most talented artists from ALL around the world, including such mega talents as London’s Lal Hardy and New York’s Paul Booth, among many famous others.

The 2006 Convention will feature an even bigger host of diverse related attractions than 2005, including a South Seas Village where traditional tattooists set up their stall under palm trees and a Viking tent congregated by tribal tattooists. Sound systems and spectacular lighting rigs run by International DJ’s will provide a backdrop to the event, which will be both a body art gallery and a community festival.

The convention runs over the 6th, 7th and 8th of October. Tickets are priced at £15 per day or £40 for a three day pass - full details on the website.

The Sultan's Elephant tattoo above (surely the most kick ass London themed tattoo in the world) belongs to F Word blogger (and sometime Londonist contributor) Jess. And for those of you that are curious there's a small selection of some the Londonist team's inkwork right here.

Last Updated 05 October 2006