The Chewing Gum Tax

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
The Chewing Gum Tax

We like this idea:

A council is renewing calls for a get tough policy with chewing gum companies by forcing them to pay towards the cost of cleaning up their products. Westminster Council is urging ministers to follow the example of the Dublin government, which persuaded Wrigley to commit 7m euros towards the problem.

Yeah man, go after the pushers.

Remember the plan to have celebrity target posters to stick your gum on? That didn't work because there wasn't enough groin targeting. Everyone knows the whole point of chewing gum is to craft a little piece of artwork in your mouth that can then be attached to an expensive high concept piece of advertising on the tube escalators. And nothing is more satisfying than creating the bubbleicious effect of some kind of genital discharge.

Of course Wrigley etc could save themselves some money by simply persuading 'celebrities' to hang around the tube and bus stops, acting as real used gum receptacles. Imagine for just a moment the amount of chewy stuff that could be held between the legs of say Jade Goody and The Hoff.

Last Updated 12 October 2006