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File this under 'eughhh!'. Barnet Hospital seems to be having a bt of an icky problem, according to an unnamed worker:

The other week, maggots were falling through the air vents in the ceiling between theatres one and two, about five feet away from the theatre. They were dropping like there's no tomorrow. "I was standing there and we counted 50. I was shocked - operating theatres are meant to be the most sterile places in a hospital. If a maggot fell onto a patient during surgery, and the wound was open, they could get an infection.

Maggots...dropping like there's no tomorrow. That has to be quote of the century.

The account was denied by a hospital spokesperson who greatly reassures us that only three maggots were involved, and that they fell into a corridor, not a theatre. Dead pigeons in the ceiling space were blamed. The inconsiderate, rotting bastards.

It's all patched up now, though:

We are very upset that such a thing could occur, but the hospital has done all it can to disinfect, clean and prevent a reoccurrence and stop the pigeons from getting in.

So any patients hoping for a proteinaceous supplement to their ward dinners will have to send out for porridge.

Last Updated 13 October 2006