Road Rage gets Political

By sizemore Last edited 148 months ago
Road Rage gets Political

The Londonist lab is still waiting on the results so we're still not sure whether you have to be a moron to buy a 4x4 in the first place or if there's something in the upholstery that impedes oxygen to the brain thereby slowly turning you into a prick. Or prickess in this case:

A heavily pregnant woman was pinned against a post by a 4x4 and racially abused in a road rage incident, a court has heard.

Wow. After a near miss it does sound like the couple involved were a tad raged themselves to bother to follow the 4x4 to ensure there would not be a crash. The whole thing then escalated into the pregnant woman being pinned by the monster car and to add insult to injury was called "Tony Blair's bitch".

How bizarre. We're old enough to remember a few crappy governments and have also gotten into our fair share of heated arguments, but we can't ever recall being accused of enslavement to Thatcher or of being overly enamoured with John Major. It's good to know that when you have someone on the ropes (or in this case about to burst all over your expensive bonnet) that you can hit them where it really hurts by suggesting they have something going on with the PM...

Last Updated 26 October 2006