Lara's back

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Lara's back

Lara Croft has always been ripe for a thorough going over - Douglas Coupland got there first with Lara's Book:

Once I realised how big the Lara cult was I said, "d'oh!". I felt like I did years after leaving high school when I learned that just about everybody was having sex. And as with any sort of large revelation, once perceived, Lara became evident everywhere - almost total cultural saturation. And soon enough she was always on my mind.

Now Ian Livingstone is having a pop at her as part of the London Science Museum's Game On exhibition:

several talks by key UK game industry pros have been announced. These include Eidos Interactive's Ian Livingstone on the topic of "10 Years of Lara." Livingstone will reflect on the icon's 10-year anniversary. The talk will take place on November 13.

Sounds interesting - especially if you spent a large part of your bachelorhood in a darkened room watching her kick the crap out of mummies and all manner of beasties. Full details here.

Last Updated 10 October 2006