Water Table

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Water Table

We just stumbled across this post on Cool Hunting Dot Com and almost dropped our collective wine glass when we saw what looked like two people paddling a table up the Thames. The things people do for art:

their new work, entitled "Climatised Objects," are inspired by global warming's dramatic effect on our weather systems that provoke life-threatening situations like earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Objects like a vase that doubles as a flashlight when it falls, picture frames that light up when dislodged and the Either Oar table that transforms into a raft (oars included!), address "the fact that in a crisis people generally improvise with whatever is to hand, no matter how ill-suited the object or material may be."

They're talking about &made who did indeed deliver the table to the Design Museum by taking to the water and all it contains:

On a sunny Friday lunchtime &made s Either Oar was launched on the river Thames for all to see. With a few bottles of Champagne on offer, the table was christened, launched and rowed upriver towards the Design Museum before its was installed later that day for Design Mart.

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