The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes

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The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes

We're suckers for anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, after all, London is sweeter for his presence. We even watched that cartoon which had him thawed out and solving crimes on the moon.

So while browsing the Detective Fiction on Stamps homepage at 5 am (oh the wild lives we lead!) we were happy to find a whole section devoted to our favourite cocaine and morphine addict.

Eleven countries have produced fourteen Sherlock Holmes-related postal offerings, beginning in 1972 with Nicaragua's 50th Anniversary of Interpol issue,"The Twelve Most Famous Fictional Detectives," in which Holmes was on the high value, and continuing through the 2000 South Africa writers stamp with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Good stuff! And there's plenty of Holmesian eye candy to help kill a slow Monday morning. All of which makes a nice appetiser for the aptly named A Study in Sherlock.

Last Updated 25 September 2006