ICAt nip

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ICAt nip

We love the ICA. Love it. Bear that in mind along with the fact that we always try our best to embrace change. We just got our October members bumf through the door and once we got inside the little white envelope things were very different. Gone is the familiar mini listings booklet and in its place is a green fold out thingy.

A green fold out thingy.

The website has had a face lift too.

The good points are that you can now book your tickets online (yeah!) and the online revamp is easy on the eye and nicer to navigate than the old one. The only bad point is this goddamn green fold out thingy. We got tired of trying to decipher it and made the mistake of trying to fold it back up. We're Londoners - we don't do maps. Thanks to the A-Z we are hardwired to work with little books. Not origami green fold out things.

What's worse is that animals (who have an instinct for these things) hate the green foldy thingy too. We dropped ours on the floor and the large black and white cat that many visitors assume is stuffed, leapt into action for the first time in a month and chewed the crap out of it. Now we throw a lot of paper about around here, but this is the first time that we've elicited a feral response from the normally placid petists.

We love the ICA. We like the online re-jig too. But please for the love of all that is good can we please have our old booklet back? If not for us, then for the sake of the kittens that (along with pornography) generate so many page loads for the Internet.

Oh and bravo for the Perverted Cinema season!

Last Updated 25 September 2006