Do not accept a lift from this man

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Do not accept a lift from this man

We first saw the retina scorching video for David Hasselhoff's 'Jump in My Car' a while ago and just assumed it was made in 1986. Not only is this thing new, but the Hoff is treating London to an in-store appearance:

'Baywatch' and 'Knight Rider' actor David Hasselhoff is to celebrate the release of his new single 'Jump In My Car' by meeting his fans in London. The star will greet his fans in HMV's Oxford Street branch at 1pm on October 2. He will sign copies of the single, which is out on the same day. The track is being released in the UK after reports of huge online activity.

In case you're not one of the two million people who've already seen it, here you go:

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It's a pro-curbcrawling anthem from the seventies. Kind of like the opposite to the ad campaign that Ken ran about rape cabs. We get the impression that 'Jump in my Car' is Hoff-code for 'Sit on my Face'. What's worrying is that the Hoff believes he'd be able to pull anyone but a thirty year old bloke by driving a talking car from an 80's tv show. And as Internet savvy as the Hoff is (and we also respect his ability to think on his feet when it comes to wrist injuries) isn't it about time for an Airwolf revival?

Last Updated 27 September 2006