CC Cock Up

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CC Cock Up

Big oops regarding the congestion charge:

The London congestion charge regulator has apologised to a motorist after wrongly sending him 31 bills for non-payment followed by a further 34 repeat bills... Mr Timothy, 47, from Brecon, Mid Wales, initially received £2,480 worth of bills and told BBC Radio 4's You And Yours programme the cost had been set to increase if he did not pay up. "It amounts to £4,650 if it's not paid by October 2 or then the bailiffs will come round - you know quite threatening," he said.

The only thing was that the poor bugger hasn't been to London since 1981. Wonder if he was here for the wedding.

TFL have apologised and are sending Mr Timothy some money to make up for the hassle. They should really offer him a trip to the capital to see what he's been missing for the last fifteen twenty-five years.

Last Updated 28 September 2006