We Could Tell You But Then We'd Have To Kill You

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Last Updated 30 August 2006

We Could Tell You But Then We'd Have To Kill You

If you read this from anywhere inside the UK you may be a tad curious:

The New York Times has blocked British readers from accessing an article published in the US about the alleged London bomb plot for fear of breaching the UK's contempt of court laws. Published in the US yesterday under the headline "Details emerge in British terror case", the article claims to reveal new information about the alleged terror bomb plot that brought British airports to a standstill earlier this month.

We'd love to recommend that you jump on a flight to NYC and read the article for yourself but the airports can be a bit of a pain in the arse at the moment.

Instead you could always download TOR, install and configure it (piece of piss if you're using Firefox) and then click into the forbidden page.

If that seems like too much bother you'll just have to stick with the Tabloids screaming the 'truth' at you about the ten proposed highjackings, the imminent threat and John Reid not being a grade A tool.