Londonist loves... mathematics

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Londonist loves... mathematics
Street Maths

Actually we don't. Well M@ probably does. The rest of us love the WORDS because the NUMBERS just make our heads hurt. Anyway - we love tourists that's for sure. We love landmarks too. We also love tourists at various landmarks so we have room in our heart for tourists (and Londoners) holding up baffling signs while they're there:

Street Maths

The sum of the reciprocals of the squares of the positive integers is pi squared over six.

Yeah handy, but not as catchy as Begging mercy for their sins / Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.

Street Maths

We do love this Flickr set from The Last Danish Pastry though. Isn't it annoying when Americans insist on calling 'Maths' 'Math' though? Is it the long weekend yet?

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Ha ha, that man has a fountain coming out of the top of his head ... oh dear, long weekend came just in time!

Akiva Micah

I noticed a Burger King in the background. You Brits still fall for that American crap? Didn't you ever see Super Size Me? Stick to Fish and Chips it's healthier.

M. Anglesio

Brilliant photo series. And mathematically correct, too.


Looks like a rip off of Triggerhappy TV, but without the humour. BTW Akiva, despite McD's, KFC and Burger King infestation of this grotty city, fish and chip shops, and sandwich shops outnumber those putrid recycled flesh recepticles about 5 to 1. Note to those inclined: The Golden arches will this bank holiday be offering free golden showers to those who purchase a happy meal.


Who's the hottie in the first pic? I wouldn't mind, erm, "squaring her positive intergers" if you know what I mean, snarf snarf (?)


Minus b plus or minus the square root of brackets b squared minus four a c close brackets all over two a

But don't ask me how it's derived!

Paul Mison

The photos are broken. I think his account's been deleted. Wonder why?


This is what you get for trusting numbers...