Londoner dies in Missouri plane crash

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Londoner dies in Missouri plane crash

Horrible story via the BBC:

A woman trying to conquer her fear of heights by skydiving has died after the plane she was to jump from crashed. Victoria Delacroix, 22, from Beckenham, London, was killed with five others on Saturday in Dittmer, Missouri, US. The twin-engine light aircraft carrying the skydiving group nose dived and crashed soon after take-off.

Victoria's friend, Kimberly Dear, survived the crash thanks to the actions of their skydiving instructor, Robert Cook:

Mr Cook realised that the plane was about to crash, attached himself to the young Australian using a diving harness and calmly told her what to do. "He said to her: 'As the plane is about to hit the ground, make sure you're on top of me so that I'll take the force of the impact,'" Mr Dear said. He used his body to cushion Ms Dear as the plane crashed.

Cook died in the crash.

Last Updated 03 August 2006