Another lucky escape

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Another lucky escape

More news of a plot intended to strike terror into our hearts that seems to have been thwarted at the last possible moment:

Plans for a Doctor Who spin-off show starring Billie Piper were scrapped at the last minute, series producer Russell T Davies has revealed. Davies later decided the programme, Rose Tyler: Earth Defence, was "a spin-off too far" and called it off.

As if turning on the TV wasn't risky enough with the constant threat of the return of Captain Jack and another Christmas crapisode looming on the horizon.

A whole series devoted to Rose and her family... it'd be like Scooby Doo: The Next Generation with Rose solving mysteries for a handful of jellied eels.

Just think... somewhere out there in the multiverse is a planet Earth where the whole mess was put out of its misery after Colin Baker shaved off Peri's hair and gave her as a sex slave to Brian Blessed... no Sylvester McCoy, no Americanised 'movie', no gurning Northerner... lucky bastards. For the delusional among you there's a nifty pic of the Doc's new jailbait up on the official site.

Last Updated 21 August 2006