An open door is one less door to kick in

By sizemore Last edited 151 months ago
An open door is one less door to kick in

As mentioned in the Extra, Extra, Ian Blair finally loses it:

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said parts of London are returning to an era of neighbourliness and low crime. He said residents in Haringey, north London, are now happy to leave their front doors open and unlocked. Sir Ian said community-based Safer Neighbourhood Teams were making people feel as safe as they did 25 years ago. He also likened neighbourhood police team leaders to "the sheriff" who dealt with matters in their area.

The Wild West analogy certainly works, but do you feel as safe as you did in 1981? Perhaps that depends if you were in Brixton during the riots.

He also waffles on about his officers adopting tower blocks. That should give them a good view of the convoy of burglars heading towards Haringey now that he's pinpointed it as an easy target.

It also turns out that shooting us in the face can be a "damaging incident" to his force's reputation. Let's hope the Sherriff and his deputies learn a little more restraint because the last thing we'd want is for them to get all notorious and more Wyatt Earpish than they already are. Although we do think Blair would look damn fine behind an enormous moustache.

Last Updated 21 August 2006