Reflections On Shoreditch

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Reflections On Shoreditch

Sometimes Londonist just doesn't have all the answers, and we have to humbly ask our readers to educate our poor, ignorant minds. Such is the case with a recent splash of posters in that hotbed of street art known as Shoreditch. The whole area has been flooded by these strange framed bike reflectors. What are they? Who did 'em? Why? Why? Why?

These ones are from Rivington Street, but we've seen copies all over the area.

Please help. Please.

Last Updated 25 July 2006


It's the new logo for Vladivar vodka. They're in the middle of rebranding. It must be part of the marketing activity.


Ha, bloody corporate vandalism. Should have known. There are just too many of them to be from one individual.

Gordon Elliott

Looks like a street styled Ministry of Sound logo too...


They're all over Glasgow also. I feared it was an add campaign.


yes this is a add campaingn for a vodka