One of our dragons is missing

By sizemore Last edited 150 months ago
One of our dragons is missing

People are on at us all the time to return the loot artifacts we have in our safekeeping despite the plain fact that if we returned them to 'foreign' museums they'd just sell the stuff for money to buy drugs. It rubs salt in the wound that no one attempts to get back the stuff stolen from us. Londonist feels it's time to take a stand - so on behalf of the capital we demand our crap back - beginning with the above dragon.

Now we don't understand a word of that weird writing at the bottom but we can plainly make out the words London(England) which according to our handy Evening Standard Book of International Law clearly means they nicked said beastie from us.

A quick gander around the website shows that they have more than enough of their own cryptozoological specimens plus quite a few from Europe that we don't care about and even one or two that are a complete mystery.

We hope that once we get the little fellow back it will help persuade the powers that be at the Natural History museum to put the wings back on the tyrannosaurus rex skeletons where they belong...

Last Updated 16 July 2006