In MySpace no one can hear you Sin

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In MySpace no one can hear you Sin

Every one these days seems to have a MySpace page - Kelly Osbourne, Chuck Norris, Bruce Campbell, the Winner / Sinner guy...

Of course you're never 100% sure that the tripe written on these pages has really come from the person in question, but then again is there really someone with that much time on their hands that they'd stoop to impersonating Philip Howard? Well yeah probably.

The photos he's uploaded all seem to have come off the Internets, but then again we're way out of touch with God so maybe photographing yourself is a sin or something. His blog consists of the old interview he did with B3TA and even more damning there's not a single recording of one of his classic Oxford Street rants to listen to. Seems odd he'd give up the chance to reach an audience beyond the people who ignore him outside Borders.

Those leaving comments don't seem to mind though:

Your mate (the old guy- care in the community I think- who wears a schoolgirl's skirt and pop socks) is outside my office again holding a poster on a stick protesting that there isn't enough coverage of the good book on ITN. Oh, and that Jesus is King of the Jews.

Yo dog, I watched the exorcism of Emily Rose last night, where the fuck were you mate?!

You are my hero. am going to come kiss your feet next time I see you

We are sinners, please show us the shiny light of the lord. Is it wrong to fancy you so much? Make us the winners and show us your todger....

Dude this cat is everywhere I go. Stamford Bridge, Oxford St, Motorhead, Judas Priest, I see more of him in a year than I've seen my Grandad in my whole life! ha ha

Last Updated 20 July 2006