Top Secretish

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Top Secretish

We love spy-fi shows like Alias, especially the bits about encrypted data being stolen from shielded hard drives stored behind retina sensitive blast doors in bunkers only accessible via corridors filled with lethal security devices. And then when the data is eventually reached it's encrypted up the wazoo and you need the DNA of six senior officer to decode the key... must be a bit like that working on London's anti terror beat. They wouldn't just shove all the important stuff into a rucksack and shove some pleb on the tube to transfer it between offices...

Anti-terrorist police have been ordered to revamp security procedures after a bag containing details of bomb plots and suspects identified for surveillance was lost in the street... The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, has imposed strict new rules on the carrying of sensitive material after files were accidentally lost in a rucksack in south-east London. Sources yesterday told the Guardian the files held important information and that anti-terrorist officers were desperate to get them back before they fell into the wrong hands.

Kind of ironic after all the fuss made over our backpacks. We can't be trusted not to explode, but it's the police leaving a paper trail of actual honest to god bomb plots somewhere in south-east London.

This follows the revelation that a Hell's Angel told the police back in 2003 that the London bombers were up to something, but now the police can't find the information.

Maybe they should try the TfL lost property office at Baker Street.

Last Updated 26 June 2006