Random Graffito Of The Week

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Random Graffito Of The Week
Banksy Sticker.jpg

Does a sticker count as graffiti? Dunno, but it’s a Banksy, so we’ll make an exception.

(Yes, we read all your comments berating us for giving Banksy further exposure – so we’re being deliberately contrary. Ya, boo, sucks to you!)

This one’s down Bow Street, traditional home of the police force, but we’re sure there must be others around. Anyone spotted any?

Last Updated 09 June 2006


Hey, most of the berating comes from Will, who already had his chance to convince us all that making money off art is a bad thing for some reason. we were unmoved then; unmoved we remain.


I wonder if Banksy does requests?

There's a certain Londonist who would get quite a 'thrill' returning from Honeymoon to find a new paint job on his front door...

And woot to stickers! - the harder to peel off the better!


Your face is stuck to his arse. Does that count?


there's one stuck up on a window out the back of the hackney city farm's cafe - it's been there for at least a year.