Open the Council Chamber Doors, Hal

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Open the Council Chamber Doors, Hal
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London Bridge might not be falling down, but its near-neighbour isn’t looking quite so sure-footed. City Hall, designed by Norman Foster, is not coping at all well with the heat. It seems the great glass testicle is getting rather sweaty.

According to an unnamed Tory,

Yesterday staff reported that temperatures had topped 28 degrees centigrade, and today the building was evacuated twice due to flooding on the Lower Ground floor…[The] system sounded a preliminary alarm and opened all the ventilation in building, causing rain water to drain in through the ceiling.

See, that’s what happens when structures are designed to be intelligent. They ultimately rebel against their human overlords. Hasn’t Lord Foster seen Kubrick’s space masterpiece? Or maybe he did, and this is some cunning means of eradicating London’s governing body.

Up next, we probe deeper into why Lord Foster decided to build his Gherkin next to the tallest black monolith in the UK.

Last Updated 15 June 2006