It was worth a shot

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It was worth a shot

The BBC are reporting that the two men arrested in police raid on a house in east London which left one of them shot have been released without charge.

Police questioned two brothers - one of whom was shot during the raid - on suspicion of terrorism involvement. Mohammed Abdul Kahar and brother Abul Koyair both denied the allegations. Anti-terror police raided the house at Forest Gate last week after saying they received "specific intelligence" that a chemical device might be found.

For once we have complete sympathy with the police. Only tonight we had "specific intelligence" of our own that Muligan's Gold was going to win the 8.10 at Haydock and the bloody thing came in fifth.

We're now going to have to debrief 'Flash' Harry to see how he could have been so wrong, and we're sure the police will be just as thorough with their own investigation. In the meantime here are the latest odds on surviving the weekend:

Final brain cell drowning in lager while watching football: 2/1

Rear-ended by George Michael resulting in terminal whiplash: 15/1

Hit by a pedicab while crossing the street drunk in Soho: 8/1

Succumbing to the world's worst hay fever attack: 1000/1

Being shot by tooled up police with 'reliable' intelligence: Evens

Last Updated 09 June 2006