F.ist - This week in feminist London

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F.ist - This week in feminist London


Where do you stand on the great lads mags debate? This is a perfect week to take sides - or at least engage in some spirited argument, because back-bench MP Claire Curtis-Thomas is kicking off a debate in Parliament about whether lads mags and newspapers such as the Sport should be classed as pornography.

Meanwhile, Object will be holding a protest outside Parliament on Tuesday 27th June, and distributing 'porn flakes' to passers-by in an effort to start a new conversation about the way women are depicted in the media.


This weekend Londoners can catch the Bird's Eye Film Festival tour as it touches down at East Finchley's Phoenix Cinema.

The programme includes an Oscar-nominated animation about a badger and Susie:

"Controversial winner of the Jameson Short Film Award, in this textiles animation a woman’s masturbatory fantasies become a bizarre folk tale about a voracious vagina that cannot be silenced."

Cultural Subversion:

On Saturday, get yourself down to the Tate Modern for 3pm to see a live presentation by the infamous Guerrilla Girls: a band of female artists who take direct action against the dearth of opportunities for women in the art world. They only appear in gorilla masks, and operate anonymously - taking on the names of long-dead female artists as their stage monikers.


On Thursday, head down to the Water Rats Theatre in King's Cross for 8pm to see Gertrude, Hooker and One More Kiss play a benefit gig for Verge - London's newest feminist magazine.


The 17th Carnival of Feminists - a twice-monthly collection of the best of the feminist blogosphere - has been posted on Bitch:Lab. Not overly Londoncentric, but it gets a mention here because the blogger who founded and organises the carnival is Londoner Natalie Bennett.

Guest blogger Jess can be found daily over on the F Word blog.

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