Viral Mail At The ICA

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Viral Mail At The ICA
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Remember that doctored image of a cowering Argentinian football team clutching handbags? It’s probably fair to say that we’re all fans of viral emails – those humorous pics and clips that spread around the Internet faster than you can say ‘Adobe Photoshop Elements’.

Well, over the next week, the ICA is hosting the world’s first ever exhibition devoted to your much-forwarded favourites.

Interesting, then, that we should find this bit of graffiti while out on our weekend constitutional in Spitalfields. Judging by these stencilled bacteriophage, it seems that viral mail isn’t limited to the electronic environment.

Outrageous and Contagious runs at the ICA until Monday 8th May, 12 noon-7.30pm.

Last Updated 02 May 2006