Unmentionables Mentioned

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Unmentionables Mentioned


Where would we be without them? Well some of us would be slightly chilly today while others would be left with nothing to think about all day while pretending to work. A world without knickers would be like having the toy in a Kinder Surprise without the chocolate egg or an Avril Lavigne CD without the case to look at.

We love knickers.

And so not surprisingly do the lingerie loving bloggers over at Knickersblog dot com. So much in fact that they're holding an event:

Knickers is blowing into London on May 17th, and we’re holding a special Lingerie Meetup to chat with fellow aficionados about all things lingerie. The Knickers editor, Danae Shell, will be joined by Glamorous Amorous CEO Annabel Gatward to dish out lingerie advice and help you find your personal panty style. We’ll talk with you about shopping online for lingerie, finding a good bra fit, and after a Knickers quiz, Annabel will be giving away a beautiful silk eyemask from State of Undress!

A knickers quiz! This could be the greatest thing to happen to London since the Sultan's Elephant.

Underwear pic shamelessly stolen from Annie's Going Underground Blog laundry basket

Last Updated 08 May 2006