Should We Scrap The Friday Film News?

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Should We Scrap The Friday Film News?

Last week there was no Friday Film News. That wasn't just us being lazy, that was an experiment to see if anyone noticed or #sniff# cared.

You see as of next month our regular Friday Film correspondent will no longer be able to fulfil his filmic duties and we have to make the decision whether to find another cinematically obsessed individual to keep the FFN going for us, or just scrap the thing.

In order to make that decision we need to know whether anyone reads the FFN, if you find it useful, or if you could care less.

When we didn't publish the FFN last week we had one email asking us what happened. One! So you can imagine which way we're leaning right now.

if you feel differently, let us know.

Last Updated 19 May 2006


Yeah, I'd miss it. The review roundup is pretty handy, not to mention funny.

Fi Craig

I was the one person who emailed you, so I guess you can take my vote that it should continue for granted. This comment is a reinforcement!

Yes, I find it useful to have a round-up of what the reviewers in the papers say about the films. It saves me having to go to each of their web sites separately to read their reviews.



Please keep it. I only didn't notice last week because I wasn't able to check Londonist on Friday. It's really useful to be able to see the range of opinion on a film as I often find that I'm just not sure whether to believe one reviewer and have yet to find one with which I consistently agree.


I'd miss the Friday film news! It's entertaining and useful in helping make my mind up as to if there's any films worth seeing...


I missed and will continue to miss FFN

Jon Deane

Please keep it! Hell, I'll do it for you. I'll even go and see the films to add my tuppence to the paper reviews.


Definitely keep it - I was looking forward to the round-up of The Da Vinci Code reviews.


Please do continue FFN, though I would be happy to see the focus on one or two choice films rather than an attempt at comprehensive coverage of new releases.


Consider this another vote for keeping the film news. The only problem I had with it was it appeared to late in the day so i ended up reading it on Monday. Still, It was always a great roundup of the big films and what the big critics had to say about them.

It would be sorely missed if last week's experiment were to be continued :-(


Wow, well thanks everyone for responding. It's good to know people are reading the FFN and finding it useful. We will have to find someone to take over the writing of the column very soon though so if anyone out there can give up an hour or so of every Friday afternoon to decipher Pete Bradshaw then please get in touch:

There will be a FFN today but I'm afraid it will be lat as I have to go and stalk DJ Shadow over in West London.

Thanks again.


I can't say i'd miss it if it died

Replace it with Place Of The Week or something more London centric :)