Banksy Versus Aids

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Banksy Versus Aids
Sweep it under the carpet.jpg

Check out the latest from Banksy. On the corner of Chalk Farm Road and Adelaide Road.

The stencilwork was apparently ‘Commissioned by the Independent’, according to an article in yesterday's Bono-edited edition. Commissioned? Are they aware he’s done this one before?

Banksy explains:

This is a portrait of a maid called Leanne who cleaned my room in a Los Angeles motel. She was quite a feisty lady.

According to the Indy, the work, called Sweeping It Under The Carpet, can be ‘seen as a metaphor for the West’s reluctance to tackle issues such as Aids in Africa’. Or, viewed another way, an ingenious attempt to confuse Chalk Farm’s burgeoning population of sozzled tramps.

Last Updated 17 May 2006