No al-Qaeda for Al-an

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No al-Qaeda for Al-an

While Bollywood still seems set to make their own London bombing movie, closer to home that colossus of insensitivity Alan Partridge is leaving the subject of London and terrorism well alone according to Twitch:

the original script was scrapped as insensitive following the London subway bombing. Now, insensitivity is kind of the point of Partridge, so what put them over the edge? The film was intended to revolve around an Al Qaeda seige. I guess it's safe to say that Coogan wasn't looking to crack the US market with that

No homegrown fictional terrorism just then yet...

But with movies such as United 93 and World Trade Center on the way at one end of the scale and gags about 9/11 fair game for comedians at the other end it's only a matter of time until the July 7th bombings also get the fictional treatment.

Last Updated 19 April 2006