More Window Wieners: A Letter Of Complaint

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More Window Wieners: A Letter Of Complaint

Dear Sir,

I wish to complain, in the strongest possible terms, about the amount of cockfun on general show in London. You recently highlighted a case, highly disturbing to my mind, of the Victorian pub windows etched with images of spasming cream cannons. Imagine my disgust, therefore, at encountering this foul window display in the Covent Garden area. I am highly concerned with the flagrant exhibition of stud undies, willy soap-dispensers and drinking bottles shaped like foaming beef probes. For shame! I for one enjoy a grapple with the hooded warrior as much as the next man. But to present these antisocial love toys to all and sundry is a disgrace. For heaven’s sake, a passing child might have the unsavoury experience of learning some anatomy or something.

Yours sincerely,

Disgusted of Milton Keynes.

PS, I can heartily recommend the masturbation kit. The old porridge pump has never had such a fine workout.

Last Updated 27 April 2006