HD + TV = (M25)

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HD + TV = (M25)

Fancy taking part in a trial that won't see you balloon up like the elephant man or see you facing terrorist charges? There's always a catch of course... you may be subjected to football:

Four hundred and fifty volunteers in London are being sought for a six-month trial of high-definition broadcasts through digital terrestrial television. The BBC and ITV will include all of their live World Cup matches in the test, and will join with Channel 4 and Five to offer packages of other shows. This trial will be carefully controlled through the use of special frequencies and customised set top boxes.

Londonist is thinking of taking part if only to annoy Birthday boy Alex by watching Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs every time there's a hint of bare knee on the box.

The broadcasters taking part in this trial have chosen London because low-power HD signals on non-commercial frequencies can reach many homes without interfering with existing channels.

That's technical speak for 'the rest of the UK sucks arse'. Once you get past the M25, HD TV signals have to be transported via carrier pigeon apparently.

Last Updated 06 April 2006