Harry - He's Here To Help

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Harry - He's Here To Help
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John Reid's a man that we normally don't agree with or even listen to much. He's another of New Labour's mongrel cabinet that shit won't stick to - although it seems somehow fitting that we've ended up with a Secretary of State for Defence who used to hang out in the villa of a Serbian war criminal. Must make those chats with Blair seem like the good old days... But today the attack dog barked a few words that we actually welcome:

Prince Harry should be allowed to serve on the front line of battle zones, Defence Secretary John Reid has said. He was speaking after military commanders were said to be worried that the prince might draw enemy fire and put other troops at risk. Mr Reid, speaking in Afghanistan, said Harry should be allowed to carry out normal duties "as far as is possible".

Fantastic. He looks so good in a uniform that it would be a shame for him not to get a chance to wear it out and about. But don't stop there. How about moving the whole family out to Iraq?

Maybe now the Queen has hit her golden years she should think of getting a bit more sun and do a little less for us, her sniveling ungrateful subjects. We've often thought that it's a shame all those presidential palaces had to fall into disrepair, no one to appreciate them and their walls left all empty now that Saddam's portraits have been taken down.

It'd be a great place to hang the whole royal family.

Weird Google footnote: If you do a search for "Cry God for Harry" one of the image results is a syphilis sore on a vagina and a penis.

Last Updated 24 April 2006