For Christ's Sake...

By sizemore Last edited 153 months ago
For Christ's Sake...

Remember when Hollywood considered the IRA a soft touch so had Sean Bean hassling Harrison Ford as a member of an even more lethal splinter group in Patriot Games? Well it seems fact is finally catching up to fiction as that constant thorn in London's side, Fathers4Juctice, has broken up into a crown of thorns atop Westminster Abbey:

Two members of the group, called Real Fathers for Justice, climbed about 40ft up the abbey with a dummy on a cross... A spokesman for Real Fathers for Justice said: "They had Roman soldier costumes, but the police have snatched them."

Fathers4Justice2 probably won't be prosecuted under the new terror laws that just came in and from the photo up on the Beeb it seems they've also failed to nail JC up by his genitals. Ho hum.

Good job there isn't a similar Mothers4Justice group as a Mum-hamed dummy would probably have caused a little more fuss.

Last Updated 13 April 2006