Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • American police are searching for a woman who held two British girls as slaves for 13 years. The girls from Southall are now 22 and 18 - "When I was there, I never thought it was weird or bizarre... Now that I'm out I realise she's the weird one, not the rest of the world".
  • Meanwhile police here in London have arrested a man in connection with the death of his girlfriend in Australia in 1995. The 24 year old model's death was initially treated as suicide. 43-year-old Gordon Wood is expected to be extradited to face charges.
  • Despite traditional opinion Brick Lane is now the last place in London to go for a decent curry. The London Restaurant Guide claims that "standards have slipped, dishes are slapdash, prices are much higher and, if that wasn't enough, as you walk up the Lane you are pestered by touts".
  • Gamblers who think nothing of taking risks with their cash have something of a cowardly streak. Casinos report that mugs punters have stayed clear since the July bombings.
  • Paula Radcliffe will be sorry to miss out on the London Marathon after a foot injury. She looks to lose around £1m... perhaps someone should tell her it's the taking part that's important. We're sure someone wouldn't mind pushing her around in a bathtub dressed as a chicken or something.
  • Photograph courtesy of hinius via the Londonist Flickr group.

    Last Updated 04 April 2006