Thin Blue Movies

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Thin Blue Movies

Our star struck police force just can't make up its collective mind. One minute they want to be actors, the next they're arresting them. Maybe they just long to be close to famous people:

A special police unit is to be set up dedicated to making it easier to film movies in London. The Metropolitan Police Filming Unit (MPFU) will be made up of a team of officers who will be a single point of contact for filming requests... Police are needed on film shoots involving nudity, road closures, guns, crowd control or a scene which looks like an accident.

Hmmm, so just the cool stuff then.

We thought it was just Patrick Stewart that refused to look at a script without nudity in it, but now it seems if Woody Allen wants an easy shoot the next time he's in town he'd best promise a whole stack of breasts, car chases and machine gun fire. This could be just the climate then for a Van Damme come back movie...

As long as visiting directors can make their police advisors understand you have to shout ACTION before you start shooting, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship*

*rated 18 for full frontal nudity and scenes of excessive violence

Last Updated 16 March 2006