The House of 5 Days

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The House of 5 Days

You will read… and you will inhabit…

Can't stop plugging our favourite books of the moment. Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves is a multi layered head fuck of a novel combing the best parts of horror and detective fiction to end up somewhere between HP Lovecraft and Paul Auster. It's difficult to summarise, but Wikipedia has a LOT of info on the novel here. Reading the thing is headache inducing enough so we can't begin to work out how someone would go about adapting it into a different medium.

We were curious and excited then to hook up recently with Becca, one part of the live-performance company MACHINE that has been rehearsing like mad in order to bring some aspect of the novel to life in a unique way right here in the capital:

Six performers will occupy a found space in the heart of central London's Covent Garden for 5 days. They will assemble a vast archive of texts, objects and images creating a disturbing and radical interactive performance event inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski's cult novel "House of Leaves".

You will experience one of the most intimate performance environments conceived – as six audience members interact, one-on-one, with six performers in a space that duplicates the psychology and spatial dimensions of church confessional, house and labyrinth.

The House of 5 Days unifies found-space, installation and interactive performance practice with rooms that literally transform, a sinister horror story and a journey in to the centre of each of it's inhabitants.

The production will run over the Easter Bank Holiday (April 13-17) and we'll bring you a reminder nearer to the time (and perhaps an interview if we can pull any of the cast away from their work), but for now you can sign up for more information here.

Last Updated 03 March 2006